Free Quilting Class!

Craftsy offer a whole host of online classes, from sewing and quilting to jewelery making to knitting and crochet… even home decorating! Most classes are $25-30 and there are some workshops too. They all seem to follow the same format. The same instructor will always take a particular class and uses video lessons to teach the content.

Craftsy are currently offering Block a Month Quilting Class for free! Every month features a new block or technique and by December 2012 you will have a new quilt! I am signed up and am pretty excited to take part! As well as the videos posted each month by the instructor, there is an interactive message board below the video lesson to allow interaction among the class and instructor.

The Craftsy Block of the Month

I have had my eye on a few other classes offered by Craftsy. I appreciate the opportunity to try this one for free and see if I like the format! Has anyone taken a Craftsy class? What was your experience?


More of a whimper…

Well, this blog has started with more of a whimper than a bang.

In 2010 I managed a single post per month during July, August, and September. A dismal effort, by anyone’s standards! My intention when I started the blog in July was to capture all of my craft projects. Many of my projects are for other people and I have an awful habit of giving the item without taking a photo. When I remember to take a photo, it is often late at night in appalling lighting. I also tend to forgot what I have made and what I did or did not like about it. So… I am reaffirming my promise to myself. I will post regularly about the things that inspire me, uplift my soul and make me happy. These things usually include my family, crafting, running, and yummy food (though not necessarily in that order… it depends on the day as to which brings me the most inner peace!! Ha!!)

As today is the first day of 2012,  I decided to do a little recap of some of my 2010 projects. Not necessarily my favorite or best projects… but the ones I actually managed to take a photo of!!!

Jingle Bells 5k

I had promised mini-man that we would run another 5k in December, and signed us up for the Jingle Bells 5k. Unfortunately, I became sick a few weeks before the run and it turned into pneumonia! So I was unable to run with him… step in Daddy to run his first 5k!


They had so much fun! Mini-man came in 2nd in his age group and was very happy to receive his medal! He is getting quite the collection of medals lately!

This was the first time I was spectating rather than running the race… man! that is no fun!!! It is so much more fun to be the one running!!! This was a well-organized race and was a lot of fun! We will definitely be running this one again next year!

1 block down!

Finally got my first block done for the 6×3 bee I am taking part in!

I used the block from the Moda garden party quilt here. The original size of that block was 9″ but the blocks for the bee all need to be 12.5″. What is a girl to do?? Oh yes, do some fun calculations with a pencil and sketch of the block- that will do it. But I was forgetting one minor detail… math is definitely not a strength of mine!

I completed the 9 squares and did my final measuring, ready to put the block together. Despite my confidence that I had cracked it and the final block would be 12.5″… it would actually be 11.5″. Ugh! What happened?? Still not sure where my calculations went wrong!! Anyway, I decided the best thing to do would be to surrender to the math battle and instead crop each of the 9 squares a little then add a border to the block to make it the required 12.5″.

So there we go… 12.5″ block completed! Now on to make the other 4…

Quilt bee

I have just joined my first quilt bee… how exciting! It is a 3×6 sampler quilt bee. I am starting to plan the blocks that I will make. I decided to use my blocks to make a quilt for my son so requested “superhero” colors because those are the colors he is drawn to. I put together the following mosaic to illustrate the colors I had in mind:
quiltbee_2011_Q3 by narnaboo
quiltbee_2011_Q3, a photo by narnaboo on Flickr.
I will post updates on the blocks I am making for other bee members soon. Right now I have a few ideas but I need to play around before deciding on one block. Such fun!!

About me…

Hi! I’m Melissa 😀


I have spent the last 4 years living in AZ after spending the first 26 years of my life in England. I spend as much time as possible knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting, baking, or just generally “creating”. That’s when I’m not busy being Mum to my boy and baby girl and wife to my wonderful husband who patiently tolerates my ever-growing stash of fabric, yarn, ribbons, books, patterns, roving, paints and other such goodies 😀  Oh, I also squeeze in 40 hours a week as a Corporate Trainer.


I look forward to sharing my creative pursuits with you through this blog.