I love Sundays!!!

I love the slow and easy feel of a Sunday. We always have a big family breakfast- most weeks we have pancakes as they are mini-man’s favorite, but today we had breakfast quesadillas. We don’t often make breakfast quesadillas, but they are actually mini-man’s favorite meal ever. I’m pretty sure if he had to choose a single food to eat for the rest of his life, it would be quesadillas and I’m not sure he’d ever tire of them!

I also got some crafty stuff done. March is my month in the quilting bee (I am a member of a virtual, year long quilting bee). I am super excited to send out my fabric and receive beautiful quilt blocks back in the mail!! I finished cutting all of the fabric this morning. Now I just need to sort it into little packages and mail it.

I made some playdough for the little missy, colored with kool aid (I use this recipe). It makes a lot of dough- more than little missy can play with at one time. Rather than making a double batch, I split it in half and make it in 2 bowls so I can make 2 colors for her, then I just store it in ziploc bags in the fridge. Even though each color is just half of the recipe, it is still more than she can play with so I leave most of the dough in the bag and just pull a chunk off each. That way I can throw it out when she is done (a 15 month old can get dough pretty gross in a short amount of time!!) and leave the new dough for next time. We played with it for a long time- she loved pressing shapes into it and squishing it between her fingers. I had to keep a close eye though as she kept wanting to eat it! The good thing about the dough is that it is totally safe to eat but it does use a lot of salt, so I try to stop her when I am fast enough!

I also tried out a new recipe for brownies today. Rather than using cocoa powder, this recipe calls for choc chips. We always have non-dairy choc chips in the house (IMHO wholefoods carry the best vegan choc chips and they are about the same price as the nestle chips!!) and the brownies turned out great!! Very moist and delicious! And they only used one pan making clean up fast and easy too!! Definitely a winner- this will be my go to brownie recipe from now on!!



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