Tinkerbell Half Marathon

The first Tinkerbell race and my first half marathon!

Disneyland hosted the inaugural Tinkerbell race weekend on January 29th, 2011. What an incredible weekend!

I was travelling with my friend, J. We flew in after work Friday and after checking in to the hotel we hit Downtown Disney for some dinner. It was packed! We got there about 8pm- just in time for the parks closing!! We walked around trying to decide where to eat but everywhere had huge lines. The only place that wasn’t insane with people was UVA Bar. So glad we ate there- it was my favorite meal of the weekend! Simply delicious! We split the roasted shiitake mushroom and mozzarella flatbread and the salad with wild arugula, apples, dates, candied walnuts and toasted walnut vinaigrette. OMG, it was soooo good!!!

Saturday we went to the race expo at the Disneyland hotel to pick up our bibs and packets.  Lines weren’t bad so we had enough time to check out the expo and buy some race merchandise. J and I both got the blue “I did it! 13.1” shirt below and I also got the coffee mug.


After the expo we went to a luncheon hosted by Lazarex Cancer Foundation. I registered for the race through this amazing charity and ran the race wearing the Lazarex shirt.  It was really nice to meet the people at Lazarex and hear a little more about the important work this charity does.

Then we hung out in our room for a bit and went back to Downtown Disney for dinner at La Brea. We had a  nice easy day and were in bed for 8:30pm!

Race day was an early start! 5:45am race start but we were staying within walking distance so we didn’t need to leave the hotel until 5:15am. That worked out great!!! (Thank you J for planning it all so perfectly!!!)

The race start was very exciting!! It was my first half marathon so I have nothing to compare it to but it seemed very well organized and the entertainment helped me to not focus on my nerves (too much!).

Corral B Get Ready:

Then it was time to Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!

(that’s my awesome friend J there above, the one with the braided hair… 🙂 )

We ran for approx a mile before running through Disneyland. Which was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!



Running through Downtown Disney was a lot of fun. It was still dark pretty much until this point.

We then headed out into the streets of Anaheim where local High School bands and cheer-leaders entertained us as we ran. They did a great job- lots of enthusiasm and cheering!  One of the reviews I heard about the Disneyland race was that there were no cheer squads as you ran through Anaheim so it got kind of boring. Fortunately that wasn’t the case with the Tinkerbell race!

The route finished with us running through California Adventures which was so much fun!!


Best sight in the world EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! We were a lot slower than we had anticipated… but we did take over 100 photos each during the race!! Hahahahaha


The medals were gorgeous! Beautiful tinkerbell wings with a spinning Tink in the middle. I loved every minute of this race and definitely plan to go back.


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