Bling Board!

I thought I’d share a project I made as a Christmas gift for my bestie.

She regularly runs half marathons and has quite the collection of bling. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only reason she runs races is to collect more bling! I knew she didn’t have a way to display this bling for the world to see so I decided to rectify that!!

Cue…. the bling board:

She took the picture above after loading it up with the beautiful bling.

I found the board at Goodwill. I am pretty sure it was a toy stacking game which meant the pegs were longer than normal coat pegs! Perfect!!

I painted the board white and gave it a top coat of metallic white. I then painted “Jac’s Bling…” on the board in purple (her favorite color). I decided it wasn’t blingy enough so I used some platinum glitter over the letters. I then gave the whole thing a coat with modge-podge and added hooks to allow her to easily hang it.

I’m so thrilled she likes it… and I had so much fun making it for her!


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