More of a whimper…

Well, this blog has started with more of a whimper than a bang.

In 2010 I managed a single post per month during July, August, and September. A dismal effort, by anyone’s standards! My intention when I started the blog in July was to capture all of my craft projects. Many of my projects are for other people and I have an awful habit of giving the item without taking a photo. When I remember to take a photo, it is often late at night in appalling lighting. I also tend to forgot what I have made and what I did or did not like about it. So… I am reaffirming my promise to myself. I will post regularly about the things that inspire me, uplift my soul and make me happy. These things usually include my family, crafting, running, and yummy food (though not necessarily in that order… it depends on the day as to which brings me the most inner peace!! Ha!!)

As today is the first day of 2012,  I decided to do a little recap of some of my 2010 projects. Not necessarily my favorite or best projects… but the ones I actually managed to take a photo of!!!


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