1 block down!

Finally got my first block done for the 6×3 bee I am taking part in!

I used the block from the Moda garden party quilt here. The original size of that block was 9″ but the blocks for the bee all need to be 12.5″. What is a girl to do?? Oh yes, do some fun calculations with a pencil and sketch of the block- that will do it. But I was forgetting one minor detail… math is definitely not a strength of mine!

I completed the 9 squares and did my final measuring, ready to put the block together. Despite my confidence that I had cracked it and the final block would be 12.5″… it would actually be 11.5″. Ugh! What happened?? Still not sure where my calculations went wrong!! Anyway, I decided the best thing to do would be to surrender to the math battle and instead crop each of the 9 squares a little then add a border to the block to make it the required 12.5″.

So there we go… 12.5″ block completed! Now on to make the other 4…


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